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I love what TappWater are doing to try and make it easier for us to save the planet. We have all seen climate change for itself this year and it’s quite frankly been a shock. Seeing is believing for many of us, so we while we wouldn’t listen before, I hope we do now. TappWater Malta do live talks and educate us on ways we can change to help, I highly recommend tuning in when you can. It’s your planet and your home after all.

However, what TappWater Malta didn’t realise was the way in which they are helping individual’s daily lives with their products in another way. This came to light when I told them how much it helped with my disabilities and disease as someone suffering from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

The first thing I got was the water filter, and the full blog, “My Water Journey”, can be read about the difficulties with drinking water in Malta. But in short, I now have severe arthritis in my fingers and my joints can dislocate very easily, especially my shoulder. I live with chronic pain and carrying heavy water bottles constantly was hard work, but it would have been near impossible this year as my disease progresses.  I was also quite house-bound last winter due to an intolerance to cold weather and would have been unable to go and get drinking water. Having a simple filter attached to my tap has literally been life changing for me and genuinely tastes better as well! One filter lasts 3 months and gets delivered to my door in a little light box… what a difference from something so inexpensive! And now there are even more compact and smaller installations available.

I recently then got the filter for the shower. Most people find their hair falling out, especially in the summer, but the extent of which mine was doing this was alarming. I had assumed it was another aspect of my illness and I put to the side with too many other physical battles, but it still impacted me every time I saw it.
Then I read about the chemicals in the water in Malta, which makes sense if we can’t drink it! The shower filters provide other minerals as well and I was desperate to try this and ordered it straight away. I was really excited and felt such a sense of relief that finally something may not have been due to my illness and could potential be fixed with another simple, inexpensive product. There were a few delays with the delivery due to events out of their control, but I was kept well informed and when it did arrive, I could install it myself with ease.
Again, I cannot tell you how much of a difference this has made from the first wash. My hair falls out far less, has thickened and feels so soft. Indescribable happiness.

A third product that has helped with my condition is the water bottle. I have a serious jaw problem and live on a soft diet and a lot of liquid smoothies. If I were to re-fill plastic bottles, I would be doing this several times a day and not helping my health, whereas now I know I am putting the healthy smoothie into a bottle that is BPA free, resistant to rust unlike the other “re-usable” bottles I have had and doesn’t alter the taste. It also keeps my smoothies cold when I am teaching Pilates and out for a few hours, even in the Maltese summer heat!

I work around the clock to do everything I can to keep my body strong and healthy to fight this disease as long as I can, and these products help so significantly while helping the environment too! It’s a win-win situation all round and I cannot recommend them enough.

Thank you TappWater Malta, you didn’t even know the difference you were making in so many ways.

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