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I genuinely think TappWater is the best product in Malta and everyone should invest in, for themselves and the planet.

When I first moved here and for the years following, I continuously said how much I missed drinking water out of a tap.
I was constantly searching for new ways to make it easier as well as more environmentally friendly. When I first arrived, I didn’t have a car but had a lovely housemate who used to supply the water for us, but every time I crushed those empty plastic bottles, it crushed a part of me with it!

When I did get a car, I then found there were “filling stations” and I would take the empty bottles there to refill them. I saved up any change through the week to then make the trip to stand there pressing the button up to 50 times. I distinctly remember doing this in the wind and rain which was absolutely miserable and of course the issues of parking near enough to the station, or else walk quite a bit with the bottles of water.


Moving further up in the water world, I started buying larger 5L bottles that would still fit at some of the stations, not all of them. They were heavy and the handles could hurt my hands but if I got parking close enough, it was a good option.



But I continued climbing the water ladder and found that I could personally exchange the 18.5L empty containers at the supermarket, so I began to do this with 4 at a time. I was fortunate enough to be strong enough to carry these and genuinely to know the right technique to lift these without hurting myself, but let’s face it, it was hard work.

However, fast forward a couple of years where a rare disease has started to deteriorate my strength and health, I would find any of the above options very difficult now. My parents were quite shocked on their last visit when they came to get water with me in how heavy they were, they couldn’t cope with knowing I was carrying these and even started to struggle opening the plastic lid covers due to problems with my hands.


I owe my parents everything for finding me TappWater! It is heaven to now have my little box of 2 filters delivered every 6 months and feel I have conquered the water game!
The initial filter is fitted to the tap and remains there with a switch to change from normal to drinking water to not waste the filter. Then the new filters are so easy to replace every 3 months… and yes it tastes great!

I love how much it helps the environment, something we need to do drastically right now, but the benefit it has had to me personally as well is so significant. Another part of my illness is a constant dehydration and so I can drink 4-5L a day, it was a lot of carrying, a lot of time out of my day, a lot of money and a lot of energy.

A happy world and a happy Rachael, thank you TappWater!

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