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If I listed all the illnesses, symptoms, pain and problems I have had in the past and this present day, you would think I didn’t have much of a life, that it wouldn’t be possible to. You may be worried for me or wonder

how I can cope with it all. Maybe you wouldn’t believe me as people with chronic illnesses often find. But I am a very happy, ambitious women with independence, running a business and a charity, author of a book and live a very social life.

I am an advocate for not becoming your illness, but someone living with an illness, and you CAN live to the full. I have a rare disease, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and was diagnosed at the late age of 29 due to battling severe Anorexia and depression for 10 years before this. I recovered my body against the odds when I found a full recovery from this, and now I continue to thrive despite the odds being against me once more.


Don’t get me wrong, it is tough, and at times I wonder how I am going to get through it myself, but I have, I do, and I always will. I am blessed to have professional knowledge from my background in Sports Science and as a Pilates Instructor, but I have also continued my own research to become more “medically independent” with self-help techniques in diet, exercise and mindset. It truly works and I am passionate to share this with you as someone who truly understands pain, illness and suffering.


For instance, did you know that your back pain could be coming from using your feet incorrectly? Have you tried using your toes more? Or that to absorb the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, you need to have it with black pepper and a fat source? How about the trigger point in your hand that can assist with releasing neck tension?

Of course I still need medical interventions and regular appointments, I cannot thank my doctors enough. But when I leave the hospitals, I continue with my “normal” and busy life with my own techniques.

You will also be within a community and meet others who understand which is one of the biggest tools I have. You aren’t alone and together we can take back control of your pain and find possibilities you didn’t know you had. I hope you give yourself this chance to reach out and trust in me to help you by joining us on this pain relief and management course.

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