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It’s the first week that “Reach One Hundred” launched into action and began to show you all the benefits Pilates has to offer that you’ve all been missing out on! Commence the mission to change the perception from “waving your arms and legs around” to “strength, tone, align!”

The initial aim was to improve just 6 clients overall well-being, in a 6-week course.
Launch evening on Monday had 23 people walk through the door. Adrenaline from both excitement and fear. I’d told everyone how Pilates will benefit them, how it was life changing for me, that I’d change how they viewed this form of exercise… now it was time to prove it!

Luckily, I hadn’t exaggerated, no little white lies, everything I’d claimed I knew was true! When I began teaching the class, the confidence with knowing this had me in my element. Although all complete beginners, the versatility was huge; recent back operations, chronic injuries, pregnancy, army, ages 25 to 80, men and women.

The feedback I had was exactly as I’d hope – it was harder than they though and they felt their muscles work! However, no injuries were created or worsened as it is all performed in a controlled and protective way.
The two examples that helped me change this perception:

– Rolling through the feet, heel to toes relaxes the nervous system with all the nerve ending in the soles of the feet – the body is connected, who knew?!

– Performing 2 controlled “Pilates push ups” equated to those in the gym bashing out 10 quick push up. Why? We isolated and used the correct muscles, not relying on momentum!