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The hard work finally paid off with the relief of hearing “you’ve passed” at the end of a long day of final assessments to become FULLY qualified as your dream Pilates Instructor.

I dragged my parents down to Portsmouth where they had to participate in 3 Pilates classes whilst myself and others were assessed in our teaching. I’ve been lucky to have had the practice and experience prior to this day but it was no less daunting after working so hard and having such a passion for the career.

The week leading up to it, I stayed up until the early hours and picked up where I left off first thing in the morning to get the masses of paperwork done; 12-week plans, session plans, reaching different goals, health and safety, case studies… all so I can provide you the highest quality class!

You can understand the relief when it was all signed off and I was delighted to have my parents be a part of the final day and to celebrate with them afterwards. They’ve been my biggest supporters, both in this and in the tough years before.
So now my focus is on bringing you the very best with “Reach One Hundred”! It’s an exciting time to have my full qualification complete and to be genuinely living the life I’d dreamed