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Accept change, don’t fight it

I visited the UK for the first time a couple of weeks ago after moving to Malta 9 months ago. That was when I came to full realisation that the place I call home has changed, I have moved abroad for good, I don’t live in the country I was born and raised in anymore. It’s a feeling of mixed emotions; fear, pride, sadness, excitement…

I remained strong and determination to bounce back after a lot of knocks. I have made sure to learn from all the mistakes. And now suddenly I’m not even living a dream life, I’m living a life I didn’t think was ever within reach.

I have built up my business with “Reach One Hundred”, where it is now expanding and developing even further than I had thought possible. I travel around the island on my E-bike to see private clients for rehabilitation, a group of friends, an office or a studio. The feeling when people tell me they are seeing the results, trusting in my teaching and see my passion for it, is indescribable after enduring so much to stick with it.

Working on your own each day if not always easy! So I am really grateful to be a part of the MC Adventures team. Giving me a social aspect to life, whilst developing on from my instructing of adventure in the UK, to rock climbing, abseiling and free-fall jumping from cliffs! Forever an instructor!

I have friends here, a boyfriend who is sharing this experience with me, exploring the island with trips out, finding time to relax.

I am healthy, I am happy, a combination I have fought to have for the last decade.

However, it doesn’t mean I smile each day. Today I feel quite down as it is the day “The Switch” has happened. My UK life, friends and family will of course forever be there, but I am not. The relationships shift, the permanency of me living away becoming more real for everyone, I have missed so many things and I am not creating memories with them anymore.

I never wanted to have that separation, but life made the choice for me. So I don’t think I will ever be ok with it, but if I don’t allow myself to accept it, I won’t live the full life that I now can.

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