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Eating this cake today for the first time since this memory, I was shaking… even to me this sounds ridiculous, but here’s why…

When I was in The Priory, we had a forced meal plan, this day the dessert was Red Velvet Cake… and the portions were not small! 😵

Being further into my admission, I was allowed the luxury of eating with my sister whilst she was visiting.

I had a complete breakdown when given the red velvet cake.

Adamant that I could not do it, she sat with me, and did not leave until she convinced me to get through it, taking 2 hours. I remember her telling me it was red from beetroot, so it was healthy really… when I finished it, she giggled saying “as if, it’s red food dye!”

What a b***😅… but I did laugh too!

I ate it to make her proud, I couldn’t let her down. But when she left, I couldn’t cope, I broke down and paced the corridors for an hour until allowed into my room, where I smashed my head into a wall so hard I blacked out. Punishment.

I haven’t been able to face it since. Today I got to sit in my pyjamas, and share this gorgeous piece of cake with my boyfriend. Willingly, guilt free, with no need for punishments 🤗

(Sam Knight also slyly timed the 4 minutes and 15 seconds to eat the cake 😅)