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Today I went to the hairdressers, and treated myself to a full treatment… why?

With Anorexia, you’re living with a bully, inside your head.

It use to tell me I didn’t deserve anything.

When I was brave enough to go against it and buy something new, I would later go and return it in panic.

It got to the point where I kept myself awake, night after night, because I was told I didn’t deserve to sleep.

When I did go to the hairdressers, it would be torture as I had to sit there for hours… before and after I would have to be on the go, and not eat, to make up for it.

I tried to indulge myself in the rest & relaxation whilst I could, but knew the voice was there ready for me when I left.

I still struggle to treat myself sometimes, I think we all do.

So today I fully indulged and enjoyed being pampered, smiling all the way through with no guilt. The only voices, were chats with the amazing stylists