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This week I have been re-living memories from my own story to show the reality of Eating Disorders, a serious mental illness.

I began with the statistics of how deadly it is.

This is therefore in loving memory of all those I have lost along the way in my recovery. Especially Alice. Someone who I was very close to, helping me through my hardest and longest admission.

We made an awful situation manageable. We played games, danced, sang, drank tea in the garden chatting for hours. We played pranks on the staff like naughty school children, and went for cocktails when we were allowed out for a walk… 🤫

She had the most infectious bubbly personality and so much love to give. But this illness took her from us.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you, and also your family.

At the funeral, her parents said to me, “Get better, for Alice, that’s what she wants, and don’t let this be your parents too”.

So today I stood and looked over the world and up above. Alice I did it, I got better and I am free 🕊️

I was lucky, I pulled through, but so many did not make it.

We need to help fight, so we do not lose anymore beautiful souls 💕